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CPSD Christine Panourgias Social and Digital Marketing provides a holistic approach to online marketing. We love working with our clients to improve their online presence end-to-end.

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CPSD Christine Panourgias Social and Digital

I was really impressed by Christine’s work during the #BlondeRoast Twitter chat. Not only were she able to keep up with tweets at lightening speed, she knew exactly what to ask the community to keep the conversation flowing. She is also well respected in the digital community. I would recommend her and fully engage her again for any future projects.

Vicki Laszlo
Starbucks Canada
Christine is an individual who knows how to leverage social media to build a brand, plus she is quick to bring anything that threatens a brand on social media to the attention of those who can mitigate that threat. She's always accessible and always willing to help. I would have no problem recommending her for any position where her skills can be fully leveraged.
Kevin David
The IT Nerd
Christine is a force of nature! I've never had the pleasure of working with someone who is not only extremely knowledgeable in her craft but is so passionate that she is willing to take the time to help others succeed. Christine is always willing to help whether the problem is in or out of scope. I count myself as lucky to have meet Christine and had the opportunity to work with her. I would recommend Christine for any position and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again!
Jason K Martin

Tourism Burlington partnered with Christine to run our first ever twitter party/chat #VisitBurlON. Christine's experience in running chats was invaluable in helping us prepare, formulate our plan, map out our timeline and provide insights and tools to assist in managing the day of. Christine's social reach helped us bring new followers to the chat, she guided us through the chat while maintaining the conversation on the "front end" and helped us realize over 6M impressions, over 200,000 reach & trending in some networks. Without Christine we could not have achieved these results and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any brand looking for an easy to work with, results oriented professional in digital media.

Linda Cvetanovic
Tourism Burlington
I met Christine first time at She's Connected Conference in 2012 and was very impressed by her digital marketing knowledge and relationship building skill. I invited her to become a co-host of #RBchat, a popular Twitter chat about relationship building. I have hosted many chats and worked with a lot of people, Christine stands out as one of the best co-hosts I have ever had. Christine understands the power of relationship and know how to convert it into sales.The number speaks for itself. Within a 5 months, we have increased our reach by 500% and Christine has acquired us many new clients. She never stops impressing us. A great digital marketer like Christine is not easy to find. Don't miss out.
Cammi Pham
Think Renegade

As a social media ambassador, Christine has been a great supporter of the Canadian Red Cross. Over the years, she has been an engaged supporter, attending various Red Cross events and helping the Red Cross advance social media innovations. For example, she helped the Red Cross by hosting its first-ever Twitter Chat with tremendous results in raising awareness around a very difficult topic: the Syria conflict. Most recently, Christine co-hosted a Haiti 5-year commemoration for social media friends and Red Cross stakeholders. The Red Cross has been lucky to have her support.

Karen Leiva
Canadian Red Cross
I'd argue that Christine has not only been a trusted friend and associate for some time now, but also a bit of a mentor in the realm of digital marketing, strategy and media. We both operate heavily in the realm of social media, where you encounter a wealth of fly-by-night operations and social media darlings and bloggers who're too busy faking it until they make it to actually add value to the culture and industry around them. But Christine is the real deal. With decades of real knowledge and experience under her belt, Christine understands what it takes for a brand to make it in today's world. She knows the quick things that a brand can do overnight to start taking the steps necessary to make a presence, and also that there has to be a long-game in mind, where patience and a dedication to hard work are necessary in order to be successful. I've never seen Christine give up on a project, even when the odds seem stacked against her, relying on the diverse networks she's built and the honed skills she's developed in order to bring the seemingly impossible within reach. Any company with Christine in their employ is getting an employee with one of the most diverse skill sets I've ever seen and someone who won't stop until the task at hand is complete. Don't be the company that misses out.
Casey Palmer
Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad
I met Christine through a mutual friend, and social media influencer, CamMi Pham. CamMi asked myself and Christine to co-host her popular weekly Twitter chat on Tuesday, 9pm EST called #RBChat (relationship building and networking). Christine quickly impressed me with her social media knowledge and relationship and networking skills. Christine is proactive and took the initiative to create and community manage the #RBChat Facebook page and recap with stats and transcript each weekly chat for our audience and potential sponsors. I consider Christine a great mentor and friend and highly recommend her marketing services to anyone looking to take their brand to the next level and build an engaging online and offline community.
Lindsay Fultz
Christine is detail oriented, understood our needs and was able to identify quickly what we are looking to achieve on the Hellenic Hope website. The finished product has gotten great reviews by everyone that has visited our site. Christine is very personable, easy to work with, reliable and efficient. I highly recommend her to anyone that is in need of her services.
Jim Anastadiadis
Magic White
Christine connected with me professionally through social media introducing herself and asking me to reach out if I ever needed anything. I recognized that my message of road safety, collision reduction and injury prevention would work well with the agencies that Christine represented so I gladly accepted her offer. Christine has regularly shared great information that benefits the community through education and awareness. Her aptitude for the use of social media to represent the insurance industry was at the time well ahead of the curve and much needed. I have learned a great deal from Christine watching her and interacting with her through the social space. She is without a doubt a leader and an innovator.
Tim Burrows
Speaker / Author / Communications Consultant