Rules of Engagement – Simple “Terms of Use” for your Facebook Page

Whether working with clients or managing your own Facebook Fan Page, it’s important to set out a terms of use policy. Informing your fans of what they’ll get in return for their participation via the “Like” button is a great way to continue to build the trust and engagement that everyone keeps talking about. It’s also important to break down what types “participation” are not acceptable and what consequences they may have.

Most of my clients have been fun and interesting and not really looking for wordy contracts with legalese that no one really understands. Most recently, I asked one of  my clients to create a letter style document that would break down their T.O.U.  Through some edits a really simple note for The Perfect Wedding Guide‘s Facebook Page clearly (albeit briefly), setting out what they plan to post and what types of behaviour is acceptable was created.

Rules of Engagement (See what we did there?).

Hello everyone and welcome to the Perfect Wedding Guide’s Facebook Fan page! We’re really glad to have you!

To make things pleasant and so that there aren’t any misunderstandings we’ve put together a “Rules of Engagement” Note. It’s not that we expect spammers or people to use expletives on our page but, it does happen and we’ve seen it happen to others.

Weddings and Engagements are happy and positive life moments and we’d like to keep our page Happy and Positive.

What you can expect from us:

  • We will be posting informative, humorous and inspirational items daily
  • We hope to have a few contests throughout the year – FUN!
  • We will be sharing and liking the posts from our advertisers and vendors
  • We hope to engage with you and answer your questions

What we expect of you:

  • Please do not post unsolicited advertisements / spam on our page
  • Please refrain from using harsh language/ expletives / swear words
  • Please do not attack other fans in posts
  • Please do not bully others
  • and last but not least… anything that seems hateful or racist in nature will absolutely not be tolerated.

Basically, we hope that you’ll follow in our footsteps and be polite and respect us as we respect you.

Repercussions can range from a deleted post to permanent banning depending on the action and it’s severity.

We reserve the right to follow these rules and repeat offenders will be permanently banned.

We really appreciate you, and we’re thankful you’re here.

Best Regards,

The Perfect Wedding Guide Team.

The note itself is easy to read, covers the points most important to my client in a light and interesting way.

The fact of the matter is Community Managers and Brands are still figuring things out. You may surprised to know that not many brands have a Terms of Use Policy for their Facebook Fan Page.

I’ve searched out T.O.U policies for you and found a couple for you to review:

Creating your own T.O.U. policy can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. Seeing good examples can help you put together a T.O.U that’s right for you and your brand.

Do you have a T.O.U policy on your page? Why or why not?

3 thoughts on “Rules of Engagement – Simple “Terms of Use” for your Facebook Page

  1. I always learn new things from you. This is a great thing to have for brands that have the potential of receiving negative comments and can expect them.

    1. Hey Margaret,

      Thanks for stopping in again!
      I always think of you as a pro, and I am completely flattered that you learn things from me!
      Glad this helped, hope you can apply it to a few of your clients’ Facebook Pages.

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