Strum App – Review and a Hosted Auction

Strum App - Review and a Hosted Auction ::

Strum App - Review and a Hosted Auction :: to try out new apps is one of my favourite things. Lucky for me I was approached by Charming Media on behalf of their client – StrumApp

… the world’s first customer experience app designed for you, the customer. So you can connect with local businesses directly and enjoy more personalization, more influence and more rewards.

What is Strum?

Strum is an app that lets you communicate your experience at a venue with the owner / venue themselves. It also allows for personalization in terms of the rewards you receive. You can easily favourite a venue on the app and it let’s owners know that you like that location or you’re a regular. This is a great way for you to build a relationship with this business (and vice-versa). It works especially well with local and small businesses where they can make the time to get to know their clientele.

How does it work?

Lucky for you Strum is really on the ball and has already loaded so many businesses, all you have to do is:

  • Choose your location ie: the name of the Restaurant / Store / Coffee shop you’re at.
  • Add your comments! Good, bad, indifferent
  • You can add a category for your comment – “Note A Person” / “Note Your Experience” / “Note The Vibe”
  • Add a picture if you like
  • Then “Slide to Strum”

It’s really that easy. Better than foursquare for leaving compliments, notes or the odd complaint about a service or product. It’s straight forward and really easy.

After you’ve strummed your customer experience, you can share it with your Twitter followers and Facebook friends OR  just keep it between you and the venue. I like having the option.

For every strum you are awarded points AND you can use them in weekly auctions! So far I’ve seen some amazing gift certs to restaurants, for sunglasses, and very fashionable clothing from Want Boutique in Toronto!

The app is free! What are you waiting for?

Oh, maybe the news of my hosted auction? That’s right ladies and gents. I’m hosting an auction on Strum, and it starts today! You can bid on a gift cert to the Dark Horse Cafe for all your cofficing needs!

All you have to do is download Stum App and start stumming! You get points, you bid on stuff. AMAZING!

Yes, this post was sponsored but, I really like this app. I do use it all the time and I am so glad I was introduced to it. I think you will be too.

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