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How To Write A GREAT Blog Post

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There are a ton of articles out there that tell you, in order to write a great blog post you need to write engaging content, with a strong headline that speaks to your audience but, what the hell does that even mean?

No one tells you!

Seeing as I l am a firm believer in sharing knowledge, and my expertise I am happy to share how to write a great blog post for your business.

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The Social Media Influencer Is Broken

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The Social Media Influencer is Broken Originally Posted in 2012 – 2019 Update added. After this past weeks #RBChat it became abundantly clear that the social media influencer is broken and so is the process for selecting social media influencers and social media influencers themselves are… broken. Having a large audience doesn’t make one influential. Let’s […]

Permission To Start Small - Alex Conde

Permission to Start Small: How to Dip Your Toe in the Freelancing Ocean – Alex Conde

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Welcoming back Alex Conde as a guest poster today! Loved his last guest post Solicit Constructive Criticism and thought he should be invited back for more! Alex Conde is a writer and a marketing professional. He can be found on twitter at @alexconde, or you can find him on his Freelancing scared me. Not the idea […]

Guest Post: The Dilemma of the Self-Employed: What to Wear to a Face to Face Meeting?

Guest Post: The Dilemma of the Self-Employed: What to Wear to a Face to Face Meeting?

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Elizabeth Friesen  is a Toronto-based image consultant, stylist, speaker, workshop facilitator, performer, writer, and consultant to the hospitality industry. Please feel free to contact her at or follow her on Twitter (@EMFriesen). You work from home or from the coffice (Coffee Shop Office). You’re not tied down to any single employer or bricks and […]

The Power of Twitter and How it Could Affect You Job

The Power of Twitter and How it Could Affect Your Job

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Let’s start this post with a few caveats Employers, Human Resources Managers and Digital Managers should implement a Social and Digital Media Policy that clearly coveys your company’s expectations regarding Social Media, what is acceptable and what repercussions may be. Employees must understand and sign off on it. If you are an employee you must know that […]